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Monday, October 29, 2007

Warning: Gruesome - Snake head chopped on chopping board

Errr, some might find this utterly disgusting. But some might love it.

It is part of an exhibit at the Hua Song Museum. The chinese used snakes to make snake oil as ointment. You should visit it! It has very interesting things about chinese immigrants around the world.

Details at:

Haw Par Villa
262 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118628

Opening Hours:
9am to 6pm daily (Hourly Guided Tour)

Adult - S$8.50
Children - S$5.40

Actually to view it free, just dine at the Restaurant there which has excellent food.


Kate said...

Oh, dear! On the portal it looked like a cheesecake. What a surprise. I think I'll pass on this one.

maria elisa said...


Curly said...

Nice exhibit!

Do they still eat snakes out there?

• Eliane • said...

Brrr... Aren't they delicious in soup format?

Olivier said...

c'est pour feter halloween ;o). photo impressionnante

It is to celebrate Halloween ;O). Impressive picture

Neva said...

I know there are some good snakes out there but for me any dead snake is a good picture!

Ming the Merciless said...

Never had snake before....but I hear it tastes like chicken. :-)

travelphilippines said...

PETA alert.