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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fire Clouds

Some days we just need to look up and the day is not so boring anymore....

Fire Clouds

Friday, July 01, 2016

2 Pieces of the Berlin Wall in Singapore.

The Berlin wall was demolished on 13 June 1990 and was totally taken apart in 1992.

Some time ago, there were 4 blocks of the Berlin Wall at the Bedok Reservoir Park. The owners of that four blocks have since moved it back to the US.

Do you know there are 2 other blocks of the Berlin Wall in Singapore?
These 2 blocks are not as pretty and they are not enclosed in some glass enclosure.

A few of us 'bored' people had nothing better to do, so when we heard it was in Singapore, we went in search for it. The location that was told to one of us was not really clear, so we nearly gave up.

The "Display Area" that these 2 parts of the Berlin Wall is located is still under construction, so we had to climb up some muddy path to reach it. It's quite hidden and no one will know it is there!

Berlin Wall in Singapore

Not sure of the whole story, but what we heard is that it was donated to Prof T Koh who is the ambassador-at-large, but he donated it to 'his workplace' (i.e. where he is Prof).

If you are bored, you can find these 2 blocks of the Berlin Wall in Singapore at this GPS location:
1°18'21" N 103°46'29" E