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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Remember to Flush!

The purpose of this sculpture is to remind us to flush.

Do you have autoflush WCs in your country? In Singapore, most public toilets will autoflush after you finish doing your business. haha...


Olivier said...

voila une des sculptures les plus surprenantes de l'année. tres les autres sculptures vont quoi ?
Bravo pour la photo.

veiled one of the sculptures more surprising year. very amusing… and the other sculptures go what? Cheer for the photograph.

Jing said...

interesting sculpture!!

Anonymous said...

Flush! Flush! Very amusing art.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

hey keropok man,
could we exchange msn so that you could show me how to set up a DP blog?

here's mine -

add me soon ok.

thanks :>


Anonymous said...

Where is that? I din noe there are such interesting sculpture around!

By the way, what is the cam that u r using?

koeiru said...

:) ph, potty art.

Meg said...

Ummm, right, we flush, ok, but Ben has an inherited inability to turn the light off after he uses the loo... But enough toilet talk.... I hope you and yours have a happy Christmas, to whatever degree you celebrate it.

Zannnie said...

ohh, great shot!:D

Unknown said...

Olivier, did not take the others because it's raining and I did not carry an umbrella with me. Maybe the next time, I will take them.

Jing, "ma tong" picture is interesting? haha..

Walter, yes, flush and flush! Maybe use half flush to save water!

Charinef, just added you into my msn.

Kanki, It's in Holland Village. For this picture I was using a Sony W1. (old series).

Alice, surprise? haha..

Koeiru, I think it was during those SARS period these sculptures came up.

Meg, maybe install an auto sensor light. It goes off when there's no movement. LOL..

Zannnie, thanks!

Deb said...

It's official: Now I've Seen Everything!