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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gifts right from the heart.

A very Blessed Christmas Eve everyone.

It has been a very very busy week. I have not been visiting DPs or replying comments. I will do them next week. Been very busy with Church activities.

Yesterday, instead of just buying gifts which everyone is buying, we thought we will make gifts from the heart. After pouring thru so many recipes, we settled for Oatmeal Cookies. We made 11 boxes of cookies and it took us 6 hours in the kitchen yesterday. (We were very very tempted to just give up and buy them instead. haha..)

Here's a picture of the cookies on the cooling rack.

They have mostly been distributed at church this morning.


ZZ said...

really enjoy the content here. the pics make me feel interested in singapore. carry on with the nice work! merry christmas!

JaamZIN said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS Keropok man!:)

Olivier said...

ils sont superbes, cela donne envie de les manger.
joyeux noel

they are superb, that gives desire for eating them. merry Christmas

isa said...

Those are the best gifts- straight from the heart (or the kitchen;-)

Joyous Holidays!

Curly said...

Very best wishes for Christmas, I could just fancy one of those biscuits too!

Curly's Photoshop

Zannnie said...

ohh, lovely cookies:) oatmeal is a good choice!


Unknown said...

Thanks Zachary. Visit Singapore if you have the time!

Zsolt, Merry Christmas to you too!

Olivier, comments from people who had it was it was nice. phew!

Isabella, both the heart and the kitchen. :-)

Curly, I could post them, but it might not go past customs. :-p

Zannnie, Thanks!