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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Finally, made contact with outer space using homemade communication device!

I saw this about 1 week ago, this guy had his car all wired up! And he was in the car chatting away. It reminds me of the movie Twister, where they wired up their vehicle and chase after hurricanes.

Look at the various kinds of gadgets sticking out everywhere!

This second pic is to show you, the super long telescopic antennae that is attached to the car!

Anyone out there have the same hobby? :-P


kuanyin333 said...

I haven't had any desire to take-up this hobby! When I do, I know I will be certifiably nuts!

Jing said...

passing by....
sorry...pok. :(
i came through the great wall via plblogs....but i cant see your photos...pity.

shanghai daily photo

Jing said...

a mistake...pkblogs.not plblogs

Jing said...

a mistake...pkblogs.not plblogs

Olivier said...

elle est amusante (et surprenante) cette photo. Non pas la meme passion du tout

it is amusing (and surprising) this photograph. Not the same hobby of the whole

Anonymous said...

Am surprised.

Paranoids would have thought of terrorists communications.


Dsole said...

But this car... I mean, what?
I guess someone listen perfectly to radio

Nikon said...

I believe he is what we call a "ham" radio operator. Amateur radio is another way of saying it.
He is doing shortwave communications with other parts of the world (judging by the length of that vertical antenna). I have talked to Japan from here in Rhode Island, USA - but I never got Sigapore. It is like collecting stamps - we try for as many countries as possible & we send & receive cards to confirm the contact. We collect these cards.

Unknown said...

kuanyin, you wont be nuts. lots of people have this same hobby!


Hehe.. Yes, I know its ham radio :-)

Wow, how interesting. Maybe one day you might contact someone in Singapore.
Not only pple on ham radio exchange cards. People on DP send postcards to each other too!


Ming the Merciless said...

Yeah, me! I have this rig set up on the top of my apartment building so I can make contact with my fellow kind. We want to conquer Earth. AHAAAHAAA!

You humans are such weaklings! Wait till you see the wrath of Ming the Merciless. Flash Gordon can never stop me.