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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Singapore Flyer - Full Circle

The circle was completed recently. Anyone wants to go take a ride with me?

Click here to list the previous pictures.

By the way, today is World Intellectual Property (IP) Day. Do you know what IP is all about?


Olivier said...

je ne connais pas le IP. ce qui ne m'empeche pas de trouver ta photo superbe, j'adore les grandes roues en photo.

I do not know the IP. what does not prevent me from finding your photograph superb, I adore the large wheels in photograph.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a ferris wheel. I like the photograph.

It poured rain yesterday and I took some photos through the windshield experimenting.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Ming1881 said...

Nice picture keropokman. Can't wait to try this ride....

Meg said...

Smart-People-Make-More-Money-And-Buy-Neat-Stuff day?

Unknown said...


i hope to get up there when its ready :-)


You are sharp, you can see that i took the photo behind the windshield.


Me too!


Dont really get you...

Victor said...

How to ride when the capsules are not installed yet?

I heard that when the Flyer is completed, it's spokes will be removed and the Flyer will look really naked, sort of like, er... an open fly.