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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gulp! Look! - Results of eating too much Twisties!

Free twisties at Orchard Road. These man dressed up as Twisties packs were giving out packs of Twisties yesterday.

How sporting of them to pose for me! This is Mr Twisties - BBQ Curry

And this is Mr Chickenator!

Kids, see what happens if you eat too much twisties? You become twisties man!
See, the second person even turns green in his face!


Anonymous said...

I like their costumes and those shoes are huge.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Sally said...

I LOVE Twisties - didn't know you had them in Singapore!
I prefer the original, "plain" ones...not the fancy newer carieties.
But they really are heart attack fat-snacks, eh!
I ate far too many when i was a kid, and now....well, now it's a hard slog at the gym/pool!
let me be a dire warning, kiddies!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

I thought Twisties only available in Malaysia, as the package on it label "Only in Malaysia" or something like that...

Anonymous said...

my fave is the blue pack! could eat dozens of the mini packs. what about mammee man? ;D

Jazzy said...

i've never tried twisties, are they tasty?

Felicia said...

Nice shoes too. I've never had twisties but BBQ curry sounds good. I bet they are good and fattening!

Bel said...

Original cheese twisties are the BEST!!!

Oh....what about Cheezels? Do you have them in Singapore?

Ming the Merciless said...

Do you remember this jingle?

Saya Charlie Chickadee
Yang rangguk enak sekali
Cuba nak lagi
Saya Charlie Chickadee

Unknown said...

ab, yes bigfoot landed in singapore, they love twisties!

Sally, wow, twisties seems to be international!

vhanded, yes, msian ones are tagged so that they are not resold in Singapore for a profit. Eg, Twisties in MY is RM1.50, in Sg it is SGD1.50, they do not want those profiteers to bug in RM and resell it in SGD.

Kris, you are also a twisties kid eh!

Jazzy, Felicia, you want me to post you a pack of it? :-)

Belinda, yes we have those orange balls cheezels too! After eating, your hands are all orange in colour!

Ming, yes, btw, Chickadess are back on the shelves, they came back last year!

Unknown said...

These are so funny. I admire them for wearing those customes. I have not had twisties but I will try them now after your post. I esp. like the Chickenator!

Dsole said...

hehehehe, you're so funny keropok! I love your style! :)

Sally said...

Not all THAT international!

Wikipedia says:

Twisties is a snack food product available in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and in Fiji. The brand name is owned by The Smith's Snackfood Company. While originally an Australian owned company, Smith's was acquired in August 1998, by Frito-Lay the second largest producer of salt snack foods in Australia, which in turn is owned by PepsiCo.

Twisties Trivia:

Australian celebrities Nikki Webster and Natalie Imbruglia launched their careers with childhood appearances in Twisties commercials. [so who knows what the future could hold for your twisties packet models!]

In January 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration refused import rights for Twisties because of mislabelling. The FDA again denied import rights in May 2006, this time citing unsafe colouring.

A similar snack exists in France, called Croustilles. They are available in such diverse flavours as Peanut, Salsa and traditional cheese. Also in Italy, a similar snack is known as "Fonzies".

Ha! I don't know about Fonzies and Croustilles, but they CAN'T be as good as Twisties!

Unknown said...

wow Sally!

A true teacher / educator. :-)
I did not know that Twisties was originally Ozzie. We had been eating them since we were young!

Smith's chips are superb! I use to get them in train stations in the many years living in Melbourne.

Meg said...

Orchard Road sounds like some kind of junk food heaven! I'm coming over!