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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Honorary Doctor of Laws

Two days ago, the Sultan of Johor, the most southern state of Malaysia, received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the National University of Singapore.

This is in recognition of his steadfast leadership of Johor and for his valuable contributions to relations between Singapore and Johor.

In this photo, the President of Singapore, President SR Nathan, who is also the Chancellor of NUS is presenting the degree scroll to His Majesty, Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail. The Sultan and Sovereign Ruler of the State and Territories of Johor Darul Ta'zim.

There was a big screen above them, so I took the big screen photo instead! It is much bigger and you can see the face. Yes, this DP got an invite and as a DP, attended it with a camera of course!


Dijah said...

Johor,my hometown.Waah,all the Johor-ians must be proud!

Zannnie said...

congrats keropok, you must be a proud Johorian;) I can see that:)

Dsole said...

wow, what a great ceremony, I'm really unfamiliar with those men, but thank u for let me know!

Ming the Merciless said...

Glad to hear Singapore & Malaysia are trying to get along again. We don't need more turmoil in the world.

So when will your get Datuk-hood? Or Tan Sri-dom?

Sally said...

There was a bit of a furore a week or so ago as Lee Kwan Yew was goven an honorary doctorate at Australian National University. Bit of a campus demo.

Shammickite said...

You are obviously a VIP to be invited to such a ceremony.

Jing said...

seems no words about this event.


by the way, one of my senior fellows of the supervisor will go to NUS to do his postdoctoral research this summer.
haha...something related to this post : NUS.

nice Sunday

shanghai daily photo

edwin s said...

did the Sultan bring along one of his crocodiles? he so loves his pets. when the Singaporean ministers went over to visit him, he took them to see the reptiles.

southernoise said...

keropok... wots a DP?

Unknown said...


DP = Daily Photo / Daily Photo-blogger.

The link on the right of this blog, that links to all the Daily Photo sites all around the world :-)

Ming is DP from NYC
Jing is DP from Shanghai
Zannie is DP from Singapore too
Dijah is DP from Ampang
Sally is DP from Sydney
Edwin is DP from KL
Dsole is DP from Madrid
etc... :-)