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Friday, November 29, 2013

Cooking Class Demo @ Prima Food

What do people in Singapore do when they are bored?
They join the local community club (CC) activities. It's really cheap, good and quite fun!

Cooking Class @ Prima

Depending on how active the local community club is, they organize all sorts of trips to various place.
Our family sometimes join the CC that's not near us for activities. Our local CC is quite boring, they organise mostly cooking and health related activities.

Recently, we joined the Jurong Spring CC for their activities. We pay a nominal fee and that's it! Like anywhere in Singapore, if you use the correct card (for this case the Passion Card) you get discount!

We took a long bus ride from Jurong to the 'factory area' at Senoko. Thank goodness for smartphones, we had Instagram and Facebook to entertain us.

When we got there, we were surprised that they have such a nice demo kitchen!

Cooking Class @ Prima

The demonstrator demonstrated 3 dishes for us and after each demo, another hidden kitchen behind brings out the same food that we saw.

Yum yum for our tum tum. We had interesting dishes made from Prima premix. Dry Laksa, Laksa Fried Rice and Tom Yam Chicken.

Yes, it was almost an all ladies group! Old ladies in Singapore, don't 'look them no up'! Everyone carry smartphones and they were snapping photos and videos!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Swans at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

With Singapore getting more crowded, there's a secret hideout at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. If you are boring people like us, just sit down with a book (or iPad) and enjoy the sounds of these swans making noise.

Black Swans at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

If you are really boring like us, you can sit till the sky turns duck, err I mean dark.

Black Swans at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

However boring you can be, don't stay too late. There are mozzies around and no, there won't be golden eggs laid by these black swans even if you wait 20 years.

I lied. It's not as quiet as you think it is.
There are less boring people who will be around the gardens playing frisbee etc.
It's a nice place really.