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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December Theme Day: Waiting - The cabs are waiting...

It's already December. It's 30 days left for the year. Time passes so quickly!

The first day of every month is the City Daily Photo bloggers' Theme Day. The theme for this month is "waiting".

The taxis here are 'waiting' to pick up passengers.These taxis look like toy cars don't they? :-)

Taxi Queue

Are you waiting for the year to be over? What have you been wanting to do and have been 'waiting' / 'procrastinating'? You still have 30 days to do it before the end of the year!

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Ben Nakagawa said...

Wow, that's long queue (or not). When I look closer, those re a Taxi. So I suppose they are waiting a customer to pick up.
Very good night shot. Tripod?

Julie said...

great image and it almost looks like matchbook cars. and I cannot believe the year is almost over. wow.

Julie said...

I am not of a mind to hurry time along. It travels far too quickly as it is.

I do like your matchbox cars waiting to pick up passengers. Are they at the airport?

Unknown said...

Yes, that's the middle of the queue, it does a u-turn over a overhead bridge.

No tripod. Just happen to get that shot :-)

Yes, they are waiting to pick up passengers.

Julie (Scottsdale),
Does time pass faster every year? :-)

Not the airport, it's the shopping mall. It's near closing time of the mall, so these taxi drivers are smart to wait way ahead.

Jilly said...

Too right, time passes far too quickly. Hard to believe it's December already. This is such a good choice - taxis waiting. I'd not have thought of that. Super.

Kate said...

I am always happy when returning from a trip (or arriving at a destination) to see a line of taxis WAITING to pick me up. These guys work hard and their wait must not be easy!

Ming said...

Very nice pic & appropriate theme day post.

Love the color coordination of the taxi. Remind me of match box cars :-)

marley said...

I like all the different colours. And yes, they do look like toy cars!

Ham said...

Really does look like a kid's toy, and much more colourful than single colour cabs

Hilda said...

Hee, cute! I like how they're so colorful! Our taxis are mostly just white.

Unknown said...

take a photo of me and say.. "I am waiting to have makan with Keropokman". :P

Dutchie said...

Let me see ... I still havent got round to getting a face lift (n other parts - haha), make my first million, buy a lake house in Switzerland, learn to fly a Cessna, get my diving cert, hv the guts to try sky diving, para-gliding, the list goes on .... I probably need another lifetime to achieve some of those goals :-(

For now, I'm contend to treat myself to a nice festive vacation after slaving really hard the whole year !

Zannnie said...

good idea for this theme day :)
thank you for your comment in the :)!

i've replied you there :)