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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Old PUB logo

Opposite the Wallace Centre in yesterday's photo, you can spot this 'ancient' concrete shack. With an old PUB logo there, it must be some power substation perhaps?

old tiny structure with PUB logo

PUB (Public Utilities Board) is now associated with water resources in Singapore nowadays. But in the earlier time, PUB was in charge of electricity, gas and water.

Anyone know how old is that logo? From which era of PUB?


Ciki said...

i thought you meant it use to be a (drinking) pub. Was gonna say, what an ugly logo then :P

Unknown said...


The logo has changed. It's now nicer. That was the 50s or maybe 60s or 70s logo.

Hmmm the PUB is the one that now produces Newater. The famous recycled water haha...