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Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh.. No queue for iphone at the "Green Camp"

Earlier this evening, I went to get my Apple iPhone. Guess what? There's no queue!

(I remember Momo had to queue up for hours to get her when the Apple iPhone 3GS came to Singapore with Singtel.)

I waited till now to get the iPhone because I had an existing contract with Starhub and I could not switch telcos without paying a hefty penalty. Since I had waited so long, I did not get it on 9 Dec that it was launched, 2 more days would not have made any difference right? But it was worth the two extra days. I work in a company that has CIS (Corporate Individual Scheme) with all 3 telcos here.

I emailed Starhub's rep that handles the accounts for our company. The rep said there's a corporate rate it gives me 20% off if I take the lower end plan or 30% off if I took the dearer plan. I could place an order and she can arrange for me to collect it at Suntec Convention Centre. 

I thought for a while, and decided, why not?

Starhub iPhone Collection centre at Suntec City

(Hmmm, the whole place is so green!) I wonder if Starhub chose this place, because the colour here matches their corporate colour!

I went at 7.30 pm, and there was no queue! Everything was settled in less than half an hour. It could have been less, but I decided to trade in my old phone for $200. ;-)

Starhub iPhone Collection centre at Suntec City

I am a happy boy today.

- I was 21 months into my 24 month contract so there's no penalty for early renewal.
- No long queues with impatient people around.
- 20% off for my monthly phone bill.
- What made it even sweeter was that the guy whom processed my order said, as a corporate customer, I can choose 12 months of free caller ID and international roaming or 24 months of free caller ID without roaming. I took the 24 months free caller ID. (that's a savings of $126).
- $200 off after I traded in my old phone.
- free cover (green cover! I think they give green stuff on purpose!) and screen protector.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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arabesque said...

from the looks of it, you're really one satisfied,bitter-less, happy customer. ^0^