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Friday, December 04, 2009

I took the H1N1 Vaccination Jab..

It was about 2 weeks ago, a few colleagues and I got an internal memo to go for a company-funded flu vaccine jab.

Colleague A went to take it immediately even before the scheduled date. He took it earlier because he will be flying out of Singapore and thought it might be better to get vaccinated.

Colleague B went with Colleague A, but as he was not feeling well, so doctor said: "No jab for you!".

Colleague C went few days later. He got the jab and after the next day he is feeling lousy and started to have blocked nose till today.

My boss has read too much literature about the vaccine and decided it's not safe, so he's not having it.

Me? I was procrastinating. Not sure whether to take or not. This morning on the way to work, I met another colleague from another department and she said she took it and she's fine.

After lunch today, I suddenly decided that I should just go have a jab! It's free anyway.

So off I went to the Health Centre. There was actually a queue! I patiently (pun intended) waited for my turn. When it was my turn, I asked the nurse, can I take a photo of the vaccine? She was flabbergasted. She has never seen a patient going in to get jab with a DSLR ever! She hesitated but let me take a photo anyway.

So, I have in me now an inactivated H1N1 virus.
I realised the vaccine is manufactured in Parkville, Melbourne. (I know where that is!)
Hmm I got an inactivated Melbourne strain of H1N1? LOL..

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine

The syringe that poked me.
Hey, it was painful!

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine

Here's my vaccination card. My details masked out of course!

H1N1 Vaccination card

As their tag line says: H1N1 Know What To Do, Let's Fight The Flu.


Kate said...

Interesting that there was availability of the vaccine for you. The son of a friend of ours was not so lucky: several weeks in a coma and now lots of physical therapy to help repair the atrophy in the muscles of his body...a harrowing experience. There are other stories to tell about this terrible flu.

arabesque said...

reading your post today made me realize how "behind" we are here.
glad you got vaccinated. ^0^, now, i guess you don't have to worry about the flu,but as for us... tsk, tsk. ^-^

Zannnie said...

we both got our jabbed today :) ours is the hungarian one :) not so painful

nice post

zannnie & zsolt

Unknown said...

So sad to hear about it. That was one of the other reasons I took the jab. (other than it being sponsored by the company) Hope the son is recovering well.

Some are pro jab, others think it is no good.

Haha.. today over dinner, a friend who works in the 'health ministry' said there are two places where it is from, Germany or Australia. You most probably took the German manufactured one?

Are you feeling the effects? After 24 hours, I am feeling weak. Very groggy...

Ciki said...

cannot be bothered. i travel so's only a matter of time.. pooft! no more ciki! mwhahaha :P

(to tell you the truth, i use to get ALL the jabs on offer.. fm travelers flu to .. etc etc.. gave up oredi)

Unknown said...

that's a good attitude! haha...

poof! i laughed when i read that.