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Monday, December 14, 2009

Starhub TV on iPhone

I am a late bloomer when it comes to iPhone.

But probably waiting until now has its advantages. On the 'green' network that I am on, I get to watch Starhub TV (local cable tv company) on it. The streaming is quite smooth. I am surprised.

I tried to play both same channels on the real TV, and on the iPhone, it's around 10-15 seconds lag for the iPhone.

But my favourite channel Asian Food Channel does not seem to be available for the iPhone, while it is available for subscriber of this 'green' network on other compatible phones. I wonder why..

Starhub TV on iPhone

Pardon the green cover. It's the free cover that the 'green' telco gives. I am too 'cheap' to buy a new one.

What are your favourite apps on iPhone?


Anonymous said...


I can't seem to figure out how to watch those channel that starhub offer for free for iphone user.

Could you please share with me how to do that?

Sorry if it is a stupid question.


John Ma

Unknown said...

Hi John,

- Press on Safari icon on your iPhone. (one of the four icons on the bottom of the screen)
- Then press the Bookmarks icon. (Book icon after + at the bottom of the screen)
- It should have a "StarHub Gee!" bookmarked, press on that. It will load up the Starhub Gee! Page
- Press on "Starhub TV on Mobile" when the webpage is loaded.
- It will bring you to another page where all the different channels are listed. Select the channels you want to watch. It will launch quicktime and you can now watch it.

Enjoy your tv on iPhone!

Unknown said...

Without whatsapp installed into ur iPhone will be naked =p

Unknown said...

My phone is definitely not naked! I have whatsapp, err I paid for it, since it's no longer free. ;-(