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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random artwork....

I saw this few weeks ago and took a photo of it.

I can't seem to appreciate it, maybe I should go back and search for the title of the work or what it trying to symbolize. (Or if you know, let me know.)

random artwork

Overflowing pipes?

It's located on a between Cecil St and Robinson Road.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dhoby Ghaut Green

I like the work of National Parks Board (NParks) in Singapore.
They have been creating or building new parks everywhere.

I like this new open-air amphitheatre. It looks so pleasant and yet artistic.

Dhoby Ghaut Green

I am not the only curious one. Look, someone's trying to peep inside!

Dhoby Ghaut Green

You can read more about this park and the design behind it at:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Chopin For Japan

For Lovers of Classical Piano, here's a concert in support of the Japan Earthquake.
Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions, together with the Singapore subsidiaries of Yamaha and Isetan will be sponsoring a free concert entitled ‘Chopin for Japan’ in support of the relief effort for the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster.
Chopin For Japan

Featuring well-known Italian-American classical pianist Julian Gargiulo, audience members can expect to enjoy Chopin compositions, well known Japanese songs and Italian arias. Satsuki Nagatome will accompany Gargiulo as a guest soprano during the concert.

The concert is open to the public and non-obligatory donations will be requested during the event. All proceeds will to Mercy Relief to aid their relief efforts in Japan.

Event Details
Date: 28 May 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: Singapore Botanic Gardens – Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The hazy view of Bukit Timah

Suddenly yesterday evening, the haze 'attacked' Singapore.

This was view of Bukit Timah (Hill) last night.
Slightly 'hazy' view of the hill because of the haze.

hazy night...

It's good that by Saturday morning (this morning), it's not so hazy anymore...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bowling pins...

Saw a lot of bottles on the ground after a recent 'party' nearby.

I was a bit naughty and wanted to roll a ball or something towards it.
They look like an overcrowded set of bowling pins.
No, I was do it, the mess would be disastrous!

empty bottles

Have you ever wondered why wines cost so much in Singapore?
Well, there is a excise duty of $70 per litre of alcohol.

So say, you buy a 750ml bottle of wine with an alcohol content of 13.5%, you will pay $7.09.
Don't forget you still need to pay 7% GST on whatever amount the wine costs.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Anywhere is good to sleep...

Everyone's tired. I am feeling very tired these few weeks, are you?

If you are tired, anywhere is a good place to sleep

Just find a piece of cupboard and a water bottle as a pillow, you got yourself a temporary bed!

How many hours do you sleep a day?
Do you sleep in total darkness or with a night light on?

Flowers all dropping..

I took this photo around 1 week ago, when I was rushing to work.
Since I am rushing, so I just quickly took a snap of it and it seems over exposed.

Flowers all fallen...

It's still early, so the cleaners have not swept the streets yet. I saw white-pinkish flowers all over! It looks so beautiful!

The tree was covered with the flower and the flowers have been dropping slowly to the ground. It's raining flowers! The place was so beautiful!

ACS House

Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) is one of the many Christian-Methodist family of schools in Singapore.

ACS House

Seen here, is the building that it all started, at 70 Amoy Street, with 13 pupils.
Read about the history here:

Thursday, May 05, 2011

West Coast GRC Rally

There's a curious streak in us all! After attending the PAP rally, we were curious to find out what the opposition rally is like. We heard it's more enthusiastic and interesting. People are more proactive and there are more cheers!

The way they draw the electoral boundaries in Singapore is so 'weird'. Holland Village is not in the Holland Bukit Timah GRC. On the same road, you get a few constituencies!

We went to the nearest opposition rally where we were. We were at Clementi Ave 4 for the PAP rally for the Holland Bukit Timah GRC, just nearby at Clementi Stadium is where the West Coast GRC's rally is at.

West Coast GRC

We went right to the front to listen and to take photos!

West Coast GRC

Indeed, the people here are more enthusiastic!
When the MC shouted "Reform Party", the crowd cheered "We want change".

West Coast GRC

The rally at Clementi stadium was clean with no muddy fields and there's lots of seats too!

Tonight's the last night for the rallies, if you are interested, you better hurry!
Go to the Election website and search for the rally nearest to you. ;-)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Holland Bukit Timah GRC Rally

It's a rare thing that anyone gets to attend election rallies in Singapore!
It's the first time in many years that the opposition are standing in for all except one constituency.

Momo and I decided to listen to what the candidates of PAP who will be contesting in our constituency.

Holland Bukit Timah GRC

The one we attended tonight was at the open field in Clementi Ave 4.

Holland Bukit Timah GRC

Despite having soggy field, many turned up to listen.
Momo and I had super muddy shoes when we left!

Holland Bukit Timah GRC - Sim Ann Supporters

There are 4 candidates in the Holland - Bukit Timah GRC, but one of the candidates seems to have great support! One of the many placards/signs that supporters made for Sim Ann.

You can watch the speeches on YouTube, but if you are in Singapore, you should go for at least one rally. It's kind of interesting!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

This Void Deck has been gazetted as a polling station.

This void deck has been gazetted as a polling station on 7 May 2011.

Void Deck

There are many places where citizens of Singapore will be voting.

Some will be voting at void decks (if you are wondering what that is, it's the ground floor of the government housing blocks), some are at schools, etc.

I saw this notice at one of the void decks, but it's not where I am staying.