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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Holland Bukit Timah GRC Rally

It's a rare thing that anyone gets to attend election rallies in Singapore!
It's the first time in many years that the opposition are standing in for all except one constituency.

Momo and I decided to listen to what the candidates of PAP who will be contesting in our constituency.

Holland Bukit Timah GRC

The one we attended tonight was at the open field in Clementi Ave 4.

Holland Bukit Timah GRC

Despite having soggy field, many turned up to listen.
Momo and I had super muddy shoes when we left!

Holland Bukit Timah GRC - Sim Ann Supporters

There are 4 candidates in the Holland - Bukit Timah GRC, but one of the candidates seems to have great support! One of the many placards/signs that supporters made for Sim Ann.

You can watch the speeches on YouTube, but if you are in Singapore, you should go for at least one rally. It's kind of interesting!

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