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Friday, June 01, 2007

June Theme Day: View from your bedroom

It's 1 June, and it's Theme Day for all the Daily Photo bloggers again. This month's theme is: "View from your bedroom".

This giantic Mickey Mouse shape playground is what I see when I look down.

If you look closely, you will see humans standing far apart, they are doing qi-gong exercise and they have do so everyday at exactly the same time, blasting out exactly the same music over the years! (yes, over the years!). They act as my alarm clock actually!

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Dijah said...

Big mickey mouse,reminds me of my old mickey mouse teddybear.Wonder where I put it.Nice shot Keropok Man!

isa said...

I say, if you can't beat them...join them!
Very colorful morning view ;-)

Victor said...

Hmm... I wonder if the HDB infringed Disney's copyright there.

~tanty~ said...

Nice view with an interesting activity you have there. Yeah, join them :)

Olivier said...

Une belle vue, cela ne te donne pas envie chaque jour de descendre jouer.
Bon Weekend

A beautiful sight, that does not give itself desire each day for going down to play. Good Weekend

Sally said...

What time do they start? Wonderfully colourful view.

Z said...

Hm, what sort of music do they use?

Unknown said...

Search for your bear. Maybe you sis or bro took it? :-)

When they are exercising away, I am still in bed!

Dunno leh.

I rather sleep! haha...

Have a good weekend too!

They start at around 7am I think.

It's a weird mix of music! Very very weird combination of various genre!

Marc said...

Great photo! I like all the tiny details in it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice touch. Being able to see the people doing their exercises each morning.

I think it would be nice if you woke up in my house and me in your house and looked out the windows. It would be different for both of us.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo
My Photography

AinZ said...

oooh, what a fun bird's eye view of the playground!

Unknown said...

literally! the pple looked tiny from so high up!

the noise from the exercise music makes you angry if you want to sleep in on a particular day! haha..

most pple in Singapore stay up high!

Sally said...

keropok: thanks for visiting me. I love my house, yes. It hasn't had very many owners. The family before us lived here from the 1940s to 1980s...a married couple who raised one son here - just like us! He sold it when his mother died an old woman. This house felt like "us" as soon as we walked in - or rather as soon as I drove up outside.

JaamZIN said...

I never seen such a beautiful playground!

Irina said...

This is a nice view!

And thanks for visiting my blog. The houses you asked me about are of the same size - 14 stores.

Beetle said...

It's fairytale must be feel Giant coz they look so tiny...Don't you feel more like a king everytime look down to your colorful kingdom ;o)

Thanks for the nice commented on mine

Have a nice weekend Keropok Man!

Janet said...

A great view and great reason to get up in the morning!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I think it has to be nice to get up in the morning and to see such a enjoyng life outside !

Lori said...

Wow! I like that view, it's so colorful. You must be very high up! Thanks for sharing your view with us. Have a good weekend.

Zannnie said...

did u hear the '''

heh heh...:)

Thank you for your kind regards, i'm adapting well here and the weather is quite good (not humid, it's great for my nose especially ;))

alice said...

This playground is wonderful! I would want to be a kid in Singapore in another life! And thank you for visiting my garden!

Bergson said...

It is a sight to lie down again and dream again

Jean said...

This is so different from most of the window photos. It sounds exciting.

Annie said...

Keropak Man, you win my "most unusual view from a bedroom window" award. What a thing to see every day.

Josy said...

Now, see, I think that Mickey-Mouse playground would be a pretty cool thing to see from my window... but to wake up to the exact. same. music. every. single. day... ::shudders::

MumbaiiteAnu said...

I love the Mickey Mouse playground. Where in Singapore is this? What more can a kid ask for?

Ming the Merciless said...

Cool photo! I get sounds of car honking and the garbage truck picking up trash in the morning.

Anonymous said...

A very unique view and photo. Also, after reading your explanation I understand this is a scene not likely to be seen in many parts of the world.

Jilly said...

This has to be one of the most unusual views. You couldn't get miserable with a view like this - all those colours, all those people. Love it.

Tara said...

Those are some funky colors on those mouse ears!

This is a great view, but I have to agree with Josy: waking up to the same exact music day after day after day must get a little maddening after a while.

Unknown said...

Wow, finding a house that you love is not always easy. Glad you have found yours.

I complain about the one I am living in! haha..

The two 'ears' are actually exercise machines meant for adults. Only the middle part have stuff for children. :-)

Ah.. I see. The white blocks looks nicer though..

Oh yes, now I know how a giant feels. Looking down is as if I am in Lilliput! haha...

Guess what, I don't usually stare down. My eyes can barely open in the morning haha...

I am not a very morning person! If only I can sleep more!

Thanks for sharing your view too!

Yes! yes! You are so right!
They Hu... Xi.... all the time. Aiyo, so noisy!

Glad you are adapting well.

Come visit Singapore! There are more than just playgrounds. :-p

Yes, how true!

Well, if all my neighbours join DP, it wont be so different then. haha...

Thanks for the award :-)

Yes, it's noisy! *shudders* with you.

That's in Clementi! What more can a kid ask for? Ice Cream!

I remember garbage truck sound in the morning when I was living in Melb. That's so annoying, but you get use to it right?

I think in many parts of Asia, there are lots of retiress doing this exercise every morning. :-)


Unknown said...


Haha... I think people around me get so used to it, you don't hear them sometimes!

Or until they change a tape, and you realise, hey, that's different.

Also, it's annoying if you are planning to sleep in. Shut the windows, turn on the air conditioning will help!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great photo and great view!!!

As for the park in my photo, I don't use the park that much - sometimes ride thru on my bike.

iBlowfish said...

It is really nice sight when you live in high rise building. Excellent captured.

Lavenderlady said...

How many floors up? The picture looks pretty high.

Jing said...

I am jealous...
great view indeed...
and nice alarm clock, isnt it??


Anonymous said...

Wah, my kids will love this playground!

Deb said...

you have one of the more colorful views that I've seen along the tour!