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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Topping up EZLink card right at home...

I just came back from a talk in the National Library. I took the train home and at the exit gate, realised that my fare card is low in funds.

There are many ways to top up the cards, but for me, I do it at home.
This is the equipment that I use to top up my card.

It's called a Felica Reader by Sony.

I think it's the most convenient way to top up and you can gain credit card points too (from your bank).

The public transport in Singapore use a RFID card. Do your country also have something similar?
I know Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia have RFID payment cards too.
Click here to view how a EZLink card in Singapore looks like.

Those in Singapore, how do you always top up your EZLink card? Giro? The GTM Machines at MRT Stations? or Transitlink kiosk at bus stations? Or like me, using your own Felica Reader?


Anonymous said...

Eh, where did you get that? How much is it? How does it work?

hahaha..pardon the million questions...

Unknown said...

I got it like when they launch it. Quite some time ago. I think it was $49.90

You plug it into the USB port, connect to, then that's it. You can top up your ezlink at home at your own convenience. :-)

uzyn said...

Why can't they simply allow user to manually enter the card number.

Anonymous said...

Where I live now, we use tickets. Whenever I'm back in Singapore, I top up my card at the MRT.

Anonymous said...

completely redundant... but i want it! hahaha.

i usually top up at GTMs at the MRT.. but now i want one of these things too. once i topped up at a 7-11 because i didn't want to pay cash for a bus ride, as it costs more than if u were to pay using ez-link.

and they charged me $0.30 for the service!!


... that would have paid for the difference in bus fare if i paid cash.

Unknown said...


i think i should say reader and writer, they got to write the info back to the card perhaps ;-)

cooking ninja,

i use the bus more often, so i am glad i had this. ;-)


haha... currently topping up with felica is free, no surcharge ;-)

last time, just to pay lower fares using ezlink, I went to buy a new card. hmmm now i got a few cards all sitting at home.

MumbaiiteAnu said...

That's a nice one. When I was there for 50 days, we went to the Boon Keng MRT(that's close to where my sis-in-law stayed)and topped up the EZ-link card.
I'll tell my sis-in-law about it.
I've posted a red flowewr. Can you identify it?

Anonymous said...

I prefer using the Giro system. Then no need to top-up liao!

But, I must say this thing is freaking cool!.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... ezlink website is not Mac FF friendly. :p

Ming the Merciless said...

In NYC, the subway fares are fixed at $2 per ride, regardless of the distance you're going. I get the monthly unlimited use card for $76, which is good for the buses and subway trains.

Unknown said...


wow, 50 days is a long holiday! hope you enjoyed your time here!

I will try to identify the flower :-)

I dun like GIRO. haha.. No credit card points!

Ya, when topping up, I can't use my mac, i have to use my PC. aiya!

$2 a ride. hmm... In Singapore, you pay for the distance, but there's a cap of I think $1.75 (That's what you pay for Boon Lay to Changi Airport), one end to the other end of Singapore! :-)

Zannnie said...

you are totally updated with all these gadgets ;)

p.s. the flames are real

Lori said...

Wow that's a good way to do it! So simple! Like Ming said above, here in NYC we can buy monthly passes for the public transportation, which makes it a little cheaper. I have the money deducted right from my paycheck and they give us the subway passes at work.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Ohhhhh I love it so much. We don't have (just something but not so sharp). I noticed that the Sony device it's sold at Sim Lim Square. I came twice in Singapore and at Sim Lim Square I spent... hours (and money) ehe