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Friday, June 22, 2007

Keropokman introduce Banana-man to you!

The company I work with has this annual Fruits and Vegies day, where we are given fruits to encourage people to eat more fruits and veg.

Each of us got a big delicious Nashi Pear. We also got 2 big Kiwi Fruits too.

No, we did not get bananas, but they had a bazaar where we collected the fruits, all sorts of fruits were also on sale. So let me introduce you to Banana Man! haha..

It's my habit to eat bananas on Wednesdays. Anyone wants to guess why?
What's your favourite fruit?


Anonymous said...

Your comment that you have a habit of eating "bananas on Wednesday" made me laugh. My guess as to why is maybe you shop on the weekend and it takes until Wednesday for the bananas to ripen ... My wife and I try to eat one banana daily for the potassium they contain.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love fruits! I have many favourites, like peaches, grapes, apple....

Anonymous said...

Maybe coz you have your gym/workout session on Wednesdays? :P Heehee

Dijah said...

My mum makes fruit juice every morning but if there's no fruit juice,Milo for us then.

I don't have any idea why you would have bananas on Wednesdays for breakfast.Probabbly because you need to work extra hard on that day.

Sally said...

LOL! I have this image from your pics of Singapore being populated by walkign fruit and twisties packets! (or was that not you??? maybe someone in KL?)

Enjoy the winter sun in Sydney!

Ming the Merciless said...

Banana Man needs a pair of socks. :-)

Beetle said...

You mention about three difference fruits and one which is pear I don't like but you said all in big size that made me jealous seems like you have all big size of fruits in Singapore...look at the photo is BIG banana ;o) LOL and banana for wednesday I guess coz that's the only day the closest place to you sale it as you said yesterday your pal puddle all the time the bike ;o)

Unknown said...

that's a good habit. maybe i should too. bananas are staples for some countries.

i love all sorts of fruits too, but i don't like the king of fruits. hehe..

you always so so clever! spot on!

momo got the answer, mum used to make me milo every morning too when i was a kid

no no, it's definitely not me! haha. you think it's the person from KL? wonder how he is....

yellow socks? LOL

you should try nashi pear, it's absolutely yummy!!


Hello Banana Man! Pleased to meet you! Greetings from Torun Daily Photo here in Poland!

Meg said...

Definitely bananas, every day if I can help it. And strawberries and blueberries and pears and apples and cherries. also this thing called Fijoas... But bananas by default.

Ching said...

I hope you don't mind me stealing your picture, I just found it very cute and appropriate for my post ;) Best, Ching