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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just look at that! Those are spiderwebs! Beautiful right?

Wondering what are those patches and so many of them on the field...
It's actually spider webs!

A closer zoom in. Each patch has a spider on it.

In the afternoon, the field has no webs at all, but by evening, all the spiders have spun their web. This was taken around 6:45 this evening.

Sorry, the photos are not very clear, I did not take my time, I just snap and rushed off because I was late! haha..


Dijah said...

Interesting.We have them lots on our frangipani tree here at home.

Olivier said...

belles photos, avec une belle lumiere, je te souhaite de bonne vacances

beautiful photographs, with a beautiful light, I wish you good holidays

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Amazing! So many spiders build their web in such a short period everyday, just for a sake to catch 1 or 2 bugs...

vy said...

Was that in NUS SRC? I've always wondered what those were.. =)

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, and the information, too.