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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Ayam of Ayam Brand

Things that I do sometimes: Board a bus, armed with a phone with a GPS function and a fully loaded EZ-Link transport card, I roamed around Singapore.

(I was actually looking for a warehouse in some industrial estate to collect something.)

I alighted at some industrial estate and walked around. I saw this.

Ayam Brand

It's the Ayam (chicken) mascot of the Ayam Brand products. I tried to do an online search and I can't figure out from which country this brand is from. Does anyone know?

But I do like some of their products. ;-)


B SQUARED said...

No idea but a pretty impressive bird.

Leif Hagen said...

That's quite a handsome chicken! Cluck, cluck

Hilda said...

Looks like the brand hasn't made it to Manila yet, but that sure is a fun rooster! :D

arabesque said...

ayam is from indonesia if i'm not wrong... cute mascot though! ^-^

marley said...

Great find. It pays to go exploring!

Unknown said...

B Squared, Leif Hagen,
Looks like birds make people smile. ;-)

Hilda, not in Manila? Oooo. This brand is quite a household name in Singapore and Malaysia. I remember they were in Australia too!

Arabesque, looks like it is also a household name in Indonesia. Oh, so it has an Indonesian origin?


Unknown said...

getting ready to say it was made here in Indonesia, thought I'd check the pantry to make sure I was correct and, like all things sold in Indonesia, it was made in Malaysia:)

J.C. said...

I thought that Ayam Brand is from Malaysia. I love many of their products.

This chicken mascot reminds me of Kiew Brothers dried meat. Kiew Brothers also use Chicken as its mascot.

Ciki said...

erm, indonesia?

Unknown said...

Believe or not - Ayam brand is a French brand. Truly .... I kid you not. Read it in the Straits Times a while ago.