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Monday, September 28, 2009

Lewis Hamilton wins...

As everyone guessed it. LH won!

Our family was having dinner at home. We had a sumptuous home cooked meal. Then a relaxing time watching the race at the comfort of our home, yes with air-conditioning. haha...

It was live on Channel HD5.

Lewis Hamilton Wins

Lewis Hamilton Wins

Oh silly me, I was taking photos of it via the telly! *laughs*


marley said...

Yay for our boy!

We watched the coverage and the build up. It was very good. The presenters kept saying how hot it was! Lol!

Ming said...

At least you are very comfortable...while i was there sweating out and get sardinesm:-( Pics are on my site.

Unknown said...

You must be so proud to hear your National Anthem on tv eh?

Those in the paddocks and those watching at home in air con rooms were definitely not hot. LOL

Saw your pics. Nice!
But at home, there's no loud engine noises. The engine noise on TV was muted, and we could only hear the presenters and occasionally the Team Radio.

Ming said...

Thanks bro.
That's true regarding the engine & crowds noices. Sometimes a bit too much if just there to watch for 60+ laps :-)

Dutchie said...

The dutch TV crew was on site to televised Live back to us. It's 4pm here when it started in SG. Yes, they were sweating carrots as well - haha. OK, that was a dutch phrase.

Too bad the popconcert was not included. Would hv like to see Beyoncé sashayed on stage !

Is it worth to pay extra for a sports channel ? We hv the satellite dish n it's included in the subscription. It's rising by € 10 each year. We might hv to switch to the internet when it gets ridiculously expensive ! I'm quite bored with the film channel that broadcast repeats like 3-4 times a year - they just show them on a different channel (>_<) !

singapore architecture photographers said...

i miss the f1 liveshow...