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Monday, September 14, 2009

Singapore Art Show - Rangoli

I saw this at Raffles City Shopping Centre. It's part of the Singapore Art Show. Two ladies were putting up a Rangoli - sandpainting. You can see this in many Indian (Hindu) houses especially during Deepavali.

Lady creating a rangoli

I did not know that the Singapore Art Show is on until I saw this roadshow at the shopping centre. It's quite interesting, the program that they have lined up. Take a look at or visit the National Arts Council website at


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm shi yu. I'm currently working on a magazine for my club and hope to use some of the pictures from your blog. Would like to seek your approval for it, please contact me @ I'll explain more to you from there. Hope to hear from you soon.

arabesque said...

that's a very detailed work she's always fascinated with hindu culture..i wonder what material is she using? ^-^

Ciki said...

wow, excellent vivid sari colors of the lady doing the sandpaint. i was in Sing.. should hv checked out the ArtShow. Too bad all my colleagues told me about was the IT fair at Suntec.

Unknown said...

Hi Shi Yu,
You can contact me at

It was rice flour mixed with water for the design she was doing.

The rest are like coloured macaronis! there was different sort of pasta too! also coloured rice! pretty!

cumi & ciki,
There are the great 4 IT shows a year in Singapore. Guess what? I did not walked into the IT show this time at all!

The IT show nearer to Christmas is better :-)

raa said...

hey can u tell about this rangoli?........ its really nice i want to no........

Unknown said...

Hmmm what about doing a search on wikipedia?

I don't really know a lot about it, except that it looks beautiful! :-)

vijaya mohan said...

Hi! its me and my mum about whom your are talking about. we did the rangoli for the art show. She is 85 and she is still doing it outside my house everyday.can i have a copy of her photo please? if you want to know more about my rangoli work you can visit my