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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Singapore GP Night Lights

Heard of people complaining they work as if they have 'no day or no night'?

Well, some of the streets in Singapore won't see 'night' for the next coming days. The Singapore GP will be roaring to life in a few days and the lights for the night race has been put up.

The lights are as bright as day light if you stand under them.

Night lights of the Singapore GP

Oh yes, the 'resident' GP drivers of Singapore, the taxis, are now test driving the tracks. You can see and hear them rev the engines now. Oops, a taxi just zoomed past me. ;-p


arabesque said...

wow! there goes the lights!!
zoom! and away they go!

marley said...

Goodness, they are bright!

Love the action shot of the accidental taxi :)

Ming said...

Nice pic. It sure is bright! Will you be going to the F1 event this weekend? Let me know.


Unknown said...

the roar will come in a few day's time.


I don't have tickets! ;-(