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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Goodwood Park Hotel

This is Goodwood Park Hotel. I was on a bus when I took this photo. It's another building that has the very fairy tale look ya?

I thought of Rapunzel. LOL.

goodwood park hotel

The other thing that this hotel is famous for is their durian puffs and desserts. Used to serve some porridge buffet here too, but not sure if it's still on.


Elaine Yim said...

Rapunzel, let down your hair so that I can climb up and visit you. Durian foodstuff in a hotel. Are you kidding? BTW, I have seen durian puff stores at the mega shopping centres here too.

Unknown said...

Really, this hotel's famous for all their Durian creations.

This month they are having Durian Mooncakes as well! LOL!

arabesque said...

durian puffs? hmmm... i should try that sometime...^-^

marley said...

Very Disneyland looking :)

Unknown said...

are u a durian fan? :-)

sadly, this is not Disneyland. If only there's a Disneyland in Singapore! :-)

alicesg said...

I like the architectural design of Goodwood Park. They used to have a disco called West End Club and above the disco, they serve very good teochew "muay". But the disco dont exist anymore, but I still have the cocktail stirrer cause I collect cocktail stirrers during my teens. :) Now I sound very

Unknown said...

No lah, you don't sound old. I remember when I was younger, I used to collect cocktail stirrers from different hotels too. hehe... My mum would be complaining! :-)

You like the teochew 'muay' too eh? ;-)