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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Renault F1 R29

I am sure you have heard a bit too much about Renault in the papers, about the alleged race fixing and stuff.

But a little more does no harm right? If you are in Singapore now, you can see the F1 cars in many malls. This is the Renault F1 R29 as seen at the Suntec City Mall.

Renault F1 R29

If you want do download a big size of the photo above, click here to download another version from my Flickr account.

So, are you a fan of F1? :-)


Leif Hagen said...


Stefan Jansson said...

I've never really understood this sport. It's just politics and a lot of money. Anyone up for a game of table tennis?

chillycraps said...

heh i actually took a photo with similar angle.

I am not a F1 fan, but I think it helps to put Singapore in the limelight. And F1 racecars are not unrelated to what I learned :)