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Friday, September 25, 2009

F1 from the Singapore Flyer..

Thanks to, I got a set of Friday night tickets to the Singapore Flyer to view the F1 Practice Race.

I am not a professional photographer, so the photo not so nice. I don't have big huge cameras with even bigger lenses like what everyone's carrying tonight. So I can only take blur photos like this.

Oops, why do I always take photos of the Renault Team? Recognize the colour? Oh, ING pulled out their sponsorship and ING's logo disappeared from the cars tonight.

F1 Singapore

Aiyaya.... Romain Grosjean's car skidded at Turn 17. The same place where Nelson Piquet crashed his car last year.


DK said...

I think they are practicing how to crash again. Tsk tsk.

Unknown said...

they definitely do not need to go through a crash course to do it. LOL

Jinghui said...

Yo !

I was there at the Flyer too ! Nice pic !

Going again ? ;)


chillycraps said...

nice shot nevertheless!

Get that feel of speed :D

Unknown said...

Ya, I saw your tweet that you were there, but I did not see you at all. :-)

Going again? No lah.

Thanks. But I know it's not really that nice. LOL... Looking at those professional's photos, I really pai seh.

Ming said...

That's a good pic. Not many take like these.

Unknown said...

Thanks Ming.
I saw your photos. I don't think I can take photos like that yet. :-)

Ya, I decided to go after all. (after the free tix at the last min hehe)