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Friday, September 11, 2009

UOB Plaza

UOB Plaza. That's UOB Plaza 1 and UOB Plaza 2. I wonder if it's still the tallest building around. Too lazy to find out. Does it matter if it is?

UOB Plaza

For Plaza 2, I realise the old logo of OUB is still there although it has been bought over by UOB. To show the history of it perhaps?

I just know Si Chuan Dou Hua is up there. Dining with a view :-)


Leif Hagen said...

Fabulous skyscrapers!

chillycraps said...

is Republic Plaza or Capital Tower taller?

Anyway it's funny Si Chuan Do Hua is in your Adsense :P

DK said...

Yeap, UOB plaza and OUB centre are still the tallest buildings in Singapore. And so is Republic plaza.

Basically, these 3 building hit the limitation set by URA already. So unless URA increase the limit, else they will forever be the tallest building in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

singa pau suck.

arabesque said...

oh, that comment on top was harsh? y do that? ^-^
i like the bldg, on the right... more stylish.
we're now called the brave lurkers huh? not mr./ms.kepo anymore? ^_^

Unknown said...

Leif Hagen,
I wonder how would it like if my office is up so high. Hmmmm

I dunno which is taller. I think DK replied ;-)

Ya, i realise that Adsense thingy. they really read keywords eh?

So we wont get higher buildings until URA increase the height limit. Think there's enough of them. hehe


haha... i thought it was a bit boring, so i changed it. LOL..