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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia - Practice Session

One of the other practice sessions at the F1 Singapore tracks. The Porsche Carrera Cup Asia practice session.

For this, you can get near to the cars without the expensive paddock tickets. haha..

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

Of course the engines as they rev through the circuit is also not as loud. :-p

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

But it was good to see them. 

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

Have a great weekend!


arabesque said...

those race cars...
very posh and shiny at night...^0^
i wonder where they headed to?
i can see one of the cars is sponsored by sands of macau? hmmm...

Dutchie said...

Wow, lotta millionaires in SG, yes ? Actually it's crazy to use such an expensive car for a race that involves risk, dont u agree ?

When the carbon-emissions tax r enforced, it will cost a Porsche a few thousands euro's extra to be on the roads here.

Is SG going the same way ?

singapore architecture photographers said...

when can i have one like them...chiooo