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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

F1 Spore: Road diversions. Bus diversions. Expensive Parking

Road diversions. Bus diversions. High fences. No business. Aunties complaining. The list goes on...

Taken yesterday:

The fences has been up for the last few days. I wondered how many drivers have been going down at maybe 3 or 4 am to 'test drive' the tracks. That might be the only time that the roads are not all jammed up. Just look at the cars all getting stucked. Poor thing.

Fences all around, is it a riot?

Taken this morning at 8 am:

Today's the day the roads around the F1 track is closed to the public. I am attending a course this whole week at Suntec City. Thanks to the roads closure and bus diversions, I have to walk very far to my destination. It also means I get to take lots of photos too. :-)

What did I discover? Well, if you are coming here the next few days, the only place to park is probably at Suntec City and Raffles City. The other car parks are either closed or you will need special labels.

Parking Information for F1

Wait, there's more! After the course today, I needed to walk again. But guess what I saw today? Revised parking rates.

I took this photo with my camera phone so it's blurry.

Parking Rates at Raffles City Shopping Center for F1

This Friday if you are parking at Raffles City for 13 hr, be prepared to pay $80! Subjected to 7% GST.

Take public transport if you are coming.

I overheard two elderly tea ladies who cleans up the place where I am attending the course complaining. It's only cars. So loud some more, cheh! Why are people paying so much to watch it? Can watch at home on TV. So boring some more. Going round and round and round only. 

Most importantly why are they doing this to us old people? Closed all the roads and make us walk round and round in circles too (like the cars)!


arabesque said...

haha! ^-^ the dialogues bet.2 funny lah! can't stop laughing while reading it...
poor aunties...

yeah,the road diversions and the over-priced p.rates can be a pain,
but to those who's goin to watch the race,i bet they can't wait!
happy walkin...

Ciki said...

crazeee! such inconvenience.. and they dare charge ppl more for parking. poor u!

Anonymous said...

Raffles City is smart to be charging this much! But there will still be people parking, am sure :-)

Unknown said...

everyone's walking today. the newspaper and tv reported massive jams yesterday.

cumi & ciki,
I don't drive in Singapore, so am not paying the parking rates. KL has a purpose built track at Sepang. So nice right?

Ya, I am sure pple will be parking. It might even run out of space even with such pricing.

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