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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coke Can Barcode

I was laughing and smiling when I saw the back of the coke can. Maybe I don't drink coke often enough, look at the interesting barcode.

Nutritional facts that you'll be pleased to know? I never knew coke is nutritious. :-)
It says it's manufactured by the Happy People too.

have u read what's on the coke can?

I think I might be one of the last people to find out the new packaging!

If you are in a different city, does the coke can in your city have this interesting barcode too? I wonder if it's an international change?


marley said...

Very cool! I haven't seen that over here yet.

Copenhagen said...

Cute barcode design.

Ciki said...

LOL. happy people sounds a lot like pot heads.. ya think?

Anonymous said...

cute barcode design..
i haven't noticed it yet..
i don't usually look at the back of the coke can so i didn't know..

btw, you can get a photo discount at 88DB Singapore

doc said...

that because it's canned in S'pore. no such happy outlook over a can of coke here in m'sia.

chillycraps said...

hey that's really cute!

I used to collect coke cans, cos really can see events and festivals in the past.

Unknown said...

Maybe you are like me, you have not drunk coke for a long time :-)

White Oleander,

cumi & ciki,
LOL.... now that u mention it, drinking that with panadol makes one a pot head right?


But the coke is Msia is healthier I think. It has less sugar content. You can really taste the difference. :-)

i know of a lab that has lots of coke cans at the windows. i wonder if that lab is still around. Hmm...

J.C. said...

This is interesting finding, Keropokman. I have not been drinking coke lately. Probably it's time to order a can and check the barcode. Let me find out if we have this happy message too. What a cheerful greeting for a coke drinker!