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Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Donuts craze: Doughnalisa at Vivo City

More donuts craze in Singapore. It seems that donuts is gaining a sudden popularity.

Other than the long queue at Raffles City basement, I saw another donut shop at Vivocity yesterday. We were on our way to have lunch celebrating a colleague's birthday.

So innovative! The picture caught my eye!

No, I did not queue up. Maybe I shall show the donuts picture another day.

(Sorry for the reflections of the glass)

Are you crazy about doughnuts? I wonder when Krispy Kreme will come to Singapore. The franchise fee is reportedly very high. Krispy Kreme is ok eaten straight out of the oven. But you get a sugar high!

OK. I can't spell. Is it doughnuts or donuts.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a donut man or woman before. I find the pictures amusing.

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Bergson said...

I believed reconnaitre the Mona Lisa

Janet said...

You can spell doughnuts/donuts either way. The correct way is the former, but the usual way is the latter.
And oh yes, we have Krispy Creme donuts here, and they melt in your mouth!

Olivier said...

tres amusante cette version de la mona lisa. c'est le louvre qui va etre jaloux

very amusing this version of the mona LISA. it is the Louvre which will be jealous

Anonymous said...

Is the queue at this shop as long as Raffles city?

Anonymous said...

Donuts craze will not last long wan lah! I tasted KK only in the US. Not too bad. I like the Doughnalisa picture, so funny. But if eat already will become as fat as the picture, then scared leh!

Sg used to have donuts b4 mah (Dunkin Donuts) long long time ago...but not successful leh.

Ben Nakagawa said...

This is just great, man!

Anonymous said...

I wondered too, but Alex says that it's a matter of British vs American English. So in local context, it should be the former. Write for your target audiences! ;)

MochaMaster said...

Will definitely try this donut shop. Do you know that Dunkin' Donuts does free delivery in Singapore?