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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Muah Gurh - Baby's One Month Old

In Chinese culture in Singapore and Malaysia, we celebrate a baby being one month old. In Hokkien dialect it's pronounce 'Muah Gurh'.

Colleagues and friend will usually buy them the baby (or rather the parents) a gift, or being practical people, we usually will give cash in red packets, which we call 'ang pow'.

Close family will usually give gold anklets or gold chains for the baby.

Usually, in Singapore, the parents will invite those who have given them angpow / gifts to a 'come visit the baby' gathering with food and 'show off' the baby.

After the occasion of 'ooo', 'ahhh', 'cute baby' etc... (and also having a meal) the host will give a gift to those who came. The gift usually will have a red egg. Which symbolize a happy prosperous birthday.

This is what I got recently from a colleague's baby's one month bash. It came in a nice cute baby character box, it also had a clear plastic cover over it.

There's always the red egg. This one has a fruit tart as well.
The other packet is glutinous rice pyramid. The red thing is the plastic is 'ang ku kueh' or red turtle cake.


Olivier said...

un oeuf rouge ;o) bizarre bizarre

a red egg ;O) odd odd

Anonymous said...

Now even got fruit tart.
The rest is traditional. ;)

Emilieee said...


I want the "ang ku kueh" and the fruit tart

I'm starving. T.T

Anonymous said...

mmmm..this is my preferred delicacies rather than "ayam mas" box!!

Meg said...

I love this post. Great information. (Probably more interesting than the baby photo!)

Ming the Merciless said...

Yummy!! I have heard of this tradition but never attended any event.