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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Can't Decide What To Drink? - Just order Anything?

It's a new drink that has just been introduced in Singapore.

It's for people who can't decide. It's called Anything.
You buy them, it has no indication of what's inside, it could be Cola, Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon, Root beer.

Anything's the fizzy drinks range.

It has a cousin called "Whatever". The same concept, but the drinks are non carbonated like Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea

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Beetle said...

well...I'm not sure,if I will sacrifice my money for a drink that I don't least being recommended :-)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Uhm sometime it could perfect for me :-)

Anonymous said...

oh wow. but what if the person hates say bandung but kena one? hah

Bel said...

Hahahahaha - what a great idea. Perfect for an indecisive Piscean like me! If only I drank fizzy drinks......oh, and lived in Singapore ;o)

Olivier said...

tres amusant le nom de ce soda ;o)

very amusing the name of this soda ;o)

Anonymous said...

(The following is purely my opinion. I don't intend to influence decisions or create opinions.)

It is an interesting name for a soft drink, but the bus stop shelter ads are pretty terrible and obviously done on a low budget.

They began with copy-only teasers - "You Can Get Anything On May 18" (which I inaccurately predicted a search engine) and TV commercials before unleashing the full campaign.

One of their bus stop shelter posters at my area was lined with soft drink cans, presumably put up this morning. But by the time I got back from work, most of the cans within reach were crushed. Now you can crush Anything! Ha ha.

My gripe? They try too hard to be provocative, using lines such as "I'll marry you if you give me Anything" (no prizes for guessing what the rather plump model - a part time actress - was holding on her hand).

I reckon they may have drove most of their advertising budget to their website and the Thai-esque teaser TV commercials, but that's pretty much it about the drink (as far as I see).

What makes this campaign successful, however, is that it does link their product to the indecisive-Singaporean's train of thought. Which, quite obviously, is their aim. Hard as I'd admit, now, when I wonder what I'd like to have to drink or eat, "anything" or "whatever" does pop into my head........

Unknown said...

beetle, fabrizio, metrosexual,
guess you would not buy into it. I did not buy it, but my sis and cousin bought into it!

guess they are your target market.

it is. i find it laughable.


i thought it was a new search engine related thingy too!

the other day at the bus stop, i saw lots of empty can drinks stacked up together with the anything cans. haha... pple found a way to stack up rubbish.

Ming the Merciless said...

What an amusing concept!! It's quite funny and brillaint actually.

Zannnie said...

Sounds fun, Anything? Whatever? :p