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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Part Two of TAPAC Mural

This is the two other murals that is on the walls of the TAPAC buildings.

Hope you like them.

If you would like to know the process of the painting, you can view it at:
Mr Kamal Dollah and his guys did the great job!


Kate said...

Beautifying buildings with murals is both intelligent and visually attractive. Nice!!

Dsole said...

and I like them a lot!!
they're so colourful and lively! A huge contrast between the grey houses...

Olivier said...

vraiment ces peintures murales sont superbe, des vraies oeuvres d'art

really these murals are superb, of the true works of art

Anonymous said...

both looks great but love details surrounding the indian dancer!

JaamZIN said...

it looks really great with these rich colours:)

Unknown said...

kate, dsole, olivier, kris, zsolt,

I think it's very well done too.
I just got an email from the artist themselves! So excited!

Just put their link in the posting.