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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Geek's gift to dearest mummy... What would you give?

Sis, bro and I, we decided that we want to give mum a somewhat different birthday gift. What did we buy her?

Looking at this box, can you guess?

Some of you fruit fans might have immediately guess it!
Don't scroll down yet. Guess Guess...




You most probably scrolled down right?
It's an Apple Mac Mini with additional RAM, Apple Keyboard and the Mighty Mouse. Dad said the monitor at home is big enough and is quite new, so no new monitor.

Mum's actually quite hi-tech you know.... She had her own 'ISP branded' email address since 1997! That's 10 years ago, and quite an early adopter of broadband too.

Well, I think that's because Dad did not like typing on yahoo messenger, so he got broadband so he could talk (instead of typing) on yahoo messenger to his children overseas. haha...


RamblingRound said...

What a great gift for dear MOM! I am impressed. She certainly raised you all right.

Momo said...

Happy birthday auntie :) Have fun with the gift ;)

Z said...

What nice kids you all are! Super Mom!

Dsole said...

oh my, that's a great gift! your mom is very lucky! Happy birthday to her! :)

Ben said...

Great gift! Enjoy online conversation among your family!

Zsolt said...

ohh is it a laptop?:) a great present

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

And lucky mommy!

Mummy said...

Thanks to all my very wonderful children for their very wonderful gifts and thanks also to all the very wonderful friends in this very wonderful website!