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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Biggest Pair of Singapore Chopsticks

This 61 metres tall memorial is made out of four columns. They represent the four races (Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races), joined at the base signifying the unity of all races.

Every year on 15 February, a memorial service is held here to remember the victims of the war.

If you do a search, you will see that it is also known as "The Chopsticks" at the Civic District.

This monument is dedicated to all those who perished during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore between 15 February 1942 to 12 September 1945. The remains of the unidentified war victims are buried beneath the monument.


Beetle said...

It's surely looks like chopstick,I wonder how big is the bowl ;-)

Anonymous said...

It was a terrible time for the people in Singapore and in China. I am glad Singapore has not forgotten.

I have some good news:

The three baby robins are on their way to Meet the World. I miss them already. It was quite an emotional experience.
Brookville Daily Photo

Zannnie said...

nice! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful monument. Love the unity symbolism.