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Friday, May 18, 2007

Pavement Picasso in Singapore! - Highway under Raffles City!

Julian Beever the Pavement Picasso has gone to many cities. He's here in Singapore. His work is at Raffles City Shopping Centre, right outside Robinsons. I just took this picture 2.5 hours ago.

Cool yah.... It looks so real! It looks as if there's a highway below Raffles City!
Readers in Singapore, head down there to view the real thing for yourself!

You can find his website at: or just google "Pavement Picasso".
That is what is signed on the pavement.


Olivier said...

J'adore le travail de J.Beever. Il fait des trompes l'oeil en 3D magnifiques. Celui que tu presentes est superbe. Bon Weekend

I adore the work of J.Beever. It makes splendid horns the eye in 3D. That which you present is superb. Good Weekend

Bel said...

OMG - that is amazing! Looks like part of the pavement has just opened up to reveal a secret city of bright lights and speeding traffic. Again - amazing! Will definitely be looking up more of his work. Thanks ;o)

edge said...

Wow, I did not know that. I am going there today to check it out and get a picture too :)
Raffles Place is near from where I live

Steve Cuddihy said...

I like these photos. I'm not sure why this has become so popular, but when I see this type of artwork, I am always amazed by them.

Meg said...

If you keep looking at it long enough, I think you'll get sucked into the city below, K-Man.

Say, what does Makan mean, and what language is it?

alice said...

I already knew J.Beever but his work is always so amazing!

Dijah said...

As soon as I saw the picture,in my head,
"Whoa!That's an awesome piece of art!"
Amazing,amazing and amazing!

Have a nice weekend!

Emilieee said...

Geez.. Nice painting! Impressive. It just looks like a real one!

Anonymous said...

meg in nelson:

Makan means 'eat' in Malay. (:

Ming the Merciless said...

Your latest entry does not have the comment thingy on.

Nice art on the street. This is in Singapore? Was anyone arrested?

zeezee said...


He was here? He was in SG??!!!
Oh God, did u see him in person?
I admired his work, sucha a talent!