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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Scotts No More....

The building you see here will be gone! It is undergoing demolition and soon it will be gone. Then it will come up again to be a luxury residential development of 43-floors.

Suddenly many buildings in the city centre is being converted to luxury residence. Is this also happening in your city?

Fellow DPs, today I got to meet up with Santy from Jakarta Daily Photo. It was nice to meet up with fellow DPs. She will then proceed to KL with meet up with Edwin from Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo tomorrow!

Today's pic was taken while waiting for Santy to appear!


alice said...

Yes, in my little town, Vannes, a cinema is going to be converted in very expensive appartments...When you are young, you must go far from downtown to be able to buy a house and when you want to see a movie, you must go near a supermarket :-(
I wish you a nice moment with Miss Jakarta!

Olivier said...

Non, à Evry, on essaye de garder notre histoire (mais c'est une petite ville et il y a de quoi s'etendre sans toucher aux patrimoines de la ville)

Not, in Evry, one tries to keep our history (but it is a small city and there is what to extend without touching with the inheritances of the city)

Unknown said...

It was interesting meeting Santy!

I think Evry is just simply wonderful from your photos.

Meg said...

That's happening particularly quickly in Auckland and Wellington, and to some degree, here, but we're not big enough to be a real Apartment city... So, what did you and Santy talk about? Blogging, I guess?