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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ice Skating Rink in a mall, just for kids

Over the weekend, I happen to be at Velocity Novena, and was surprised to see an ice skating rink inside. It's just a tiny one. It's tiny that only kids are allowed in.

Ice Skating Rink in the mall

How clever of the mall! If your kids want to have a free half an hour skate, the parents got to spend $60 in exchange for a chance to skate.

 Ice Skating Rink in the mall

You know something? I can't roller skate, ice skate or 'anykind of skate'. Can you?


Ciki said...

very good! if i had kids, i'd chuck em here :P

marley said...

Thats a good way to get the parents spending!

chillycraps said...

I can't skate too!

The other time I saw the ice skating rink at Central@Clark Quay and it was real ice! :P