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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Any Mahler Fan?

Do you know who is Gustav Mahler? Do you like his compositions?
Read more about him at wikipedia

This colleague of mine is a real Mahler fan. He travels round the world to attend concerts that plays Mahler, and he has even gone for Mahler's master classes!

This is a picture of his current books about Mahler he is reading, all on his table.
(nope, not listening to Mahler as I am composing this post, I am listening to Gershwin)

Hmm. on the side line, anyone knows what's Ismail Ax? It seems that the whole world is googling to find out what it means!


Kate said...

Travels around the world!!?? Lucky fellow. I like both Mahler and Gershwin, esp. Gershwin!

Jing said...

oo...can i choose some Chinese one??


shanghai daily photo

Sally said...

Beautiful photo of the books. I can't hum a Mahler tune, but can remember liking what I've heard!

edwin s said...

Not a Mahler fan but I am a Gerhswin fan! Especially if it's Sarah Vaughan singing. Ella Fitzgerald aso can but Sarah's better. Of thee I sing for someone to watch over me in summertime...oh let's call the whole thing off!

Aren't you kind of glad we did? :)

Olivier said...

belle photo et puis Mahler c'est grandiose. un tres bon choix

beautiful photograph and then Mahler it is imposing. a very good choice

Ming the Merciless said...

Nope! Hated classical music because my parents MADE me practice the piano for an hour every day since I was 8. Once I left home for college, I refused to touch the piano keys.

Meg said...

I like Mahler, I think I listen to Gershwin more often. Nice calming photo.

I wonder what the word verification is trying to tell me; it's "edwnwi".