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Friday, April 27, 2007

East Coast Seafood Centre

This was where I was last Sunday, enjoying my dinner here at East Coast Seafood Centre, whem cousins from the UK visited.

It's somewhere where you can taste one of Singapore's unique dishes. This is one of the many places where you get to eat the famous Singapore dish - Chilli Crabs and also Pepper Crabs.

Food of the crabs etc at the Food Blog :-)


Bel said...

Yummmmmmm......chilli crabs.

If only they weren't so messy I'd eat them more often in public!

Olivier said...

je trouve l'enseigne tres belle et elle donne envie. je te souhaite un bon weekend à te gaver de crabe ;o)

I find the sign very beautiful and it gives desire. I wish you a good weekend to eat you crab ;O)

Ming the Merciless said...

Keropokman - I went to a Singapore Chili Crab Festival in Brooklyn last summer. It was fun except the weather was really and it was a battle getting the meat out of them suckers. :-)

Unknown said...

belinda, it's ok to get messy. I also do not like eating too much crabs for the same reason.

olivier, have you tried chilli crabs?

ming oh ming...
Was it worth the battle getting the meat out of these hard shell creatures?