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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Did he catch anything?

This was taken at the Lower Seletar Reservoir Dam.

There are lots of people bring tents and sitting and enjoying the sea breeze. Never knew such an interesting place existed in Singapore until yesterday.

This part of the water is the sea. The other side of the road is the dam. We saw a man casting out his nets to catch something. Wonder if he caught anything? Hmmm...


Annie said...

It almost looks like he caught himself, doesn't it. The water must be fairly warm.

Happy Day to you, Keropok Man.

Dijah said...

He must be exhausted trying to catch fish.
Nice picture!

Zannnie said...

Being able to stand at this level, the water must be quite shallow. Perhaps he's trying to catch small fishes ;)

About the mini Quiz:-
I have knew Chris (the MadScientist) for sixteen (16) years! So the winner is Kerry-Anne from Cape Town.

It was after our GCE ‘O’ Level while waiting for our results, and we were in the same Orientation Group in a pre-university instituition. Our group name is “OG5″…and it’s amazing, looking back how long ago it has been! wow, 16 years!!

…Once again, Thank you for joining in this little game and hope you had fun!


edwin s said...

He caught a cold! The air is frightful nowadays.

Anonymous said...

a rare scene of singapore, I like it alot! i believe he caught some ikan bilis ;)

Ming the Merciless said...

It's all in the catching; not the catch. :-)