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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Invasion of the giant lady bugs!

Are they lady killers? Haha... Giantic ladybirds or ladybugs climbing on to the trees. They have grown so big that the birds looks so small!!

This is part of Sentosa Island, the Resort Island in Singapore.

This second picture is to gives you a bigger picture. Looking at the bugs, reminds me of Ladybird books. I grew up reading them!


Jing said...

cute ladybugs!! about pick up one of them???

Olivier said...

superbe, cette invasion des coccinelles (j'aime particulierement les jaunes). A Evry, on a aussi des sculptures (immenses) de coccinelles, mais elles servent a bloquer les chemins pour que les gens ne roulent pas en voiture sur ces chemins.

superb, this invasion of the ladybirds (I like the yellows particularly). In Evry, there are also sculptures (immense) of ladybirds, but they are useful has to block the ways so that people do not roll conveys some on these ways.

JaamZIN said...

do they call them ladybugs in English? I didnt know...we call them Katica:) And we say if you count the "polka dots" on their back you will know how old are they:)

Jazzy said...

where i come from they're considered they bring luck.

Jean said...

Thought the bugs were big because of the size of the photo. Great photo.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if my comments got eaten up!


Anyway, wanna to ask you something, can I start a dailyphotoblog for Singapore as well for Malaysia?



koeiru said...

Your 2nd photo reminds me how crowded Singapore is. Shorts, T-shirts & hats, reminds of Summer!
"DaBulak Tahan".

Unknown said...

jing, it seems you are not afraid of this bug!

olivier, Evry's pretty and I have sure they would have something this pretty too!

hmmm zsolt, can you really count their age by their dots?

jazzy, i sure hope they do!

jeangibson, they are big! too big to look real. haha

charinef, you are most welcome! email me if you need instructions. i know someone who wants to start a penang DP. you interested?

koeiru, are you very cold where you are? come back for some summer heat!

Anonymous said...

hey, I want to do one for JB,the food there!!

And also one on Singapore. :)

I am going to email you soon. After Christmas!!! :)

Merry XMAS!


Anonymous said...

sooo cute...the ladybugs i mean.