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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bicycle Parking Sign

Saw this sign the other day.
It's the first time I have seen a bicycle beside the big P.

bicycle parking

Can you ride a bicycle? ;-p


Anonymous said...

Yes! I used to cycle a lot :-) But i havent seen such a parking sign for bicycles.


singapore corporate industrial photographers said...

where to find it hehehe...singapore must add that sign hehehe

marley said...

Haven't ridden my bike for years!

At least with this sign there is no confusion over where to park it!

Unknown said...


Used to? Get that bike out and cycle! :-)

found it at Pek Kio.

You too, time to take out that bike. Ya, dedicated bike parking is good isn't it?

Olivier said...

de plus en plus le velo prend de l'importance dans les villes, et c'est tant mieux, mais sur ma ville d'Evry il reste encore beaucoup à faire ;(

Unknown said...

Ya, more cities in the world give cyclist greater importance. But sadly, Singapore's still lagging though.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... I love the randomness of your blog!
Just like my life!

Damn, I like it messy sometimes! Ha ha...
Keep it up, mate!

Stefan Jansson said...

I average around 30 km per day I think. So yes, I know how to ride a bike.

marley said...

Hi, to answer your question aabout the ER on our post boxes, it stands for Elizabeth Regina (the Monarch at the time it was installed) The VR ones I've been showing relate to Queen Victoria.

Cheers, Marley

Back2Nature said...

Oh no, another NUTS (No U-turn Symptoms)?

Last time when the foldable bike on train "guidelines" came out, it basically tell people what can't be done but listing out what can be done. Sigh...

So, soon cyclists will be told to park their bicycles at places with this sign. In another words, no parking of bicycles at places without this sign.

Sally said...

Yes, I can, but I don't because Sydney is one of the most bike unfriendly cities I know. Too much fast moving traffic which is hostile to bikes, I'm afraid.
Sydney Daily Photo

Unknown said...

thanks! wow, you can write in so many languages??

30km a day is quite a lot right? :-)

Thanks Marley!

Well, at least they are providing places for cyclist to park. But cyclist on the road still get treated like dirt by other vehicles right?

The same with Singapore! Sometimes you think the cyclist would be run over!

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