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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Free Bus Ride and Free Magnum Ice cream

Saw this on Orchard Road today.

This is a real person by the way, not some statue. He's posing for me to take his photo.

Free Ice Cream and Free Ride

He's working to promote Magnum ice cream and there's a free bus ride as well.
We took the offer for free bus ride, but they ran out of ice cream ;-(


Hilda said...

Cool costume!
Sorry to hear you didn't get any ice cream. And those chocolate bars look so good!

marley said...

He looks great all dressed up like that. Shame you missed out on an ice cream :(

Anonymous said...

WOW! Good to see myself there! Haha I am that "statue man" here. Sorry u missed out the ice cream, ME TOO! Ahahahaha come back next weekend! Cheers!

ZQ said...

Sorry you missed out the ice-cream. I just got on this bus hoping to catch a shuttle to orchard from suntec but suddenly got free ice-cream (what a bonus :-p)

You can see pictures on my blog here:


Unknown said...

The chocolate bar does look good eh? Maybe the ice cream ran out so that I can consume less calories. hehe..

He must be so hot!

Is it really you? You were great! You must be sweating in that costume!

You luckly fella! I did not know it went to suntec! The bus we took just looped around Orchard Rd.