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Monday, August 31, 2009

the singapore parking aunty.

This is what the locals call, the "Parking Aunty".

No, they are not valet who park the cars for you.

parking aunty

'Aunties' like this lady in Singapore have super sharp vision and they glance at the dashboards of cars to make sure motorist displays parking coupons. :-)


Leif Hagen said...

I wouldn't want to mess with her! I bet she gives out A LOT of fines! Since Singapore is such a fine city...

marley said...

It makes them sound nice and friendly! here they are traffic Wardens and issue tickets at the drop of a hat. Not very popular at all!

Taoism said...

Ha, I have been wanting to take a picture of a "Singapore parking Auntie" for a long time for my blog but have been scared to snap a picture.

I now have this irrational fear of elderly women in white especially if they are Malay.

singapore product food photography said...

a scary women !!

Unknown said...

leif hagen,
i wonder how much fines she issues in a day!

in Spore, they are a terror too. they can be spotted a mile away by those guilty of not putting parking coupons. LOL

they are not that scary. Maybe if you ask them to pose, they might! haha...

Are you guilty? LOL