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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kite Flying Festival

I was at VivoCity (a shopping mall in Singapore) and I saw this poster.
Kite Flying Days.

Kite Flying Festival

I zoomed in so that you can read what's on the poster.
It's interesting right? Kite Masters from Japan will be here too.

What made me smile was the sentence that said it's a rain or shine event.
Ain't it dangerous to fly a kite in the rain? Won't the lighting strike the kite and you get roasted?

Kite Flying Festival

Saw lots of kids, (err, actually it's more like parents) making tiny kites.

Kite Flying Festival

Have you all made kites when you were young? I did. But they did not fly too high. hehe....


marley said...

Sounds like a great event!

chillycraps said...

i used to fly kite when i was younger, stunt kite, stingray kite, octopus kite...

kinda miss those days.

Unknown said...

you can still fly them what...
if you pick the job that gives you good work life balance :-p

chillycraps said...

haha hopefully :)