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Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's the season of free milo again

It's the time of the year. Uni starts and there's bazaar almost everywhere.
With the bazaar around, there's always the Free Milo Truck.

It's the season of free milo again

On such a hot sunny day, a cup of ice cold milo brings smiles to everyone's face.
(Oh, the milo cups are getting smaller by the year!)


Anonymous said...

I love Milo! Too bad it's not available here. The ones that are sold here are imported from middle east and they don't taste the same!

Unknown said...

the ones in Singapore, there's two kinds. Made in Singapore and Made in Australia version.

The ones that's made in Singapore richer in taste :-)

Kenny Mah said...

Hey I want me some ice-cold MILO too! Some more is free... ;)

Unknown said...

Somehow their milo mix they serve taste extremely good!

get us addicted!