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Friday, August 28, 2009

Now, what flavour do you want for your mooncakes?

Our boss bought a box of mooncakes for us and it's kinda like mini mooncakes.

Now what flavour do you want?

Wow, just look at the flavours that there is in 1 box of mooncakes!

Mooncake lovers, do you fancy flavours like this? :-)


marley said...

What is a mooncake?! Show us, please. They sound delicious!

I'll try a strawberry one :)

monkey girl said...

Hmmmmm, Strawberry and Green Tea! My favorite!

chillycraps said...

wow looks very cute!!

seems like about time for mooncake shopping at Ngee Ann City

singapore photography services said...

i love mooncake...coming soon!!

Unknown said...

mooncakes look like this:


Monkey Girl,
You don't like the traditional ones?

Or is it more like sampling mooncakes at Ngee Ann City. LOL

You can join chillycraps at Ngee Ann City!